3 ways an executive assistant at Atlassian proves her worth at work and shows her role is about more than just ‘fetching coffee’

Kristine Valenzuela.

Kristine Valenzuela was recently hired as an executive assistant to Atlassian’s head of engineering.
She said on a recent podcast that she’d had to prove her leadership skills throughout her career.
She said she achieved this by approaching people to help and sharing her knowledge of the business.

Kristine Valenzuela became the executive assistant to Atlassian’s head of engineering, Mike Tria, in August, after having spent 11 years working as an executive assistant and chief of staff in the aerospace sector and for other software-development companies. She recently described the $53 billion software company as “an incredible place, unlike any other company I’ve experienced.”

But even so, while reflecting on her larger career, she told Jessica Vann, the CEO of Maven Recruiting Group, on a recent episode of the podcast “Reach,” her role is often overlooked or misunderstood, or boiled down to simply “fetching coffee.” Making an executive’s life easier or “just getting stuff done,” Valenzuela said — “almost no one sees the skill that’s involved in doing that every day.” 

She also pointed the finger at HR departments for the bad rap EAs get. “Internally, not enough people are elevating our value within the leadership team,” she said.

“Telescoping” your value beyond the executive whose day-to-day you manage, she said, is crucial to getting the recognition, salary, and opportunities you deserve as an assistant. In other words, she creates good PR around her role and responsibilities to get people to see her as a leader — here’s how.

She embraces a servant-leadership mentality

Valenzuela said that a “servant leadership” mindset — the philosophy where a leader is there to serve other people — is critical in her role. 

“It’s all about approaching people with the mindset of, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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