Special master in the Mar-a-Lago case is testing Trump’s lawyers to see if they will lie in court, analyst says

Evan Corcoran (R) and Lindsey Halligan (L), part of Donald Trump’s legal team, at the Paul G. Rogers Federal Building & Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida on September 1, 2022.

The special master in the Mar-a-Lago case has asked Trump’s lawyers to back up some of his claims.
CNN’s legal analyst saw this as a test of whether they were prepared to lie for him in court.
Lying in court, unlike in the media, is a punishable offense, noted Elie Honig, the analyst.

Raymond Dearie, the special master reviewing government records the FBI retrieved from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, is putting the former president’s defense to test, a CNN legal analyst said. 

In court hearings this week, Dearie has challenged Trump’s attorneys to present evidence to support two of Trump’s key claims: that he declassified the documents kept at Mar-a-Lago, and that the FBI planted evidence there.

—Norm Eisen (@NormEisen) September 22, 2022

Though Trump has repeatedly made those assertions in public, his lawyers have steered clear of repeating it in court, where arguments are more closely scrutinized.

Trump’s lawyers have argued that defending his declassification claims at this stage could damage their defense in a potential trial, drawing an unimpressed response from Dearie. 

In an appearance on CNN Thursday, legal analyst Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor, said that Dearie was seeking to expose Trump’s falsehoods. 

“The power of our courts is they have a way of bringing out truth. Perhaps a person can get away with fudging the truth in their public statements, in the media, in their private life, in their business. But when you step into a court, ultimately, the judge or the jury will say, fine, that’s your allegation, now prove it,” said Honig. 

“And you can see the tension in Donald Trump’s legal team because they …read more

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