Inmate sues Boulder County for stun gun use while he was restrained at jail

Christopher Mecca

Christopher Mecca

The man who had a stun gun used on him while he was in restraints at the Boulder County Jail, a case that resulted in the conviction of a former sergeant, has sued the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Travis Cole on Wednesday, names former Sgt. Christopher Mecca, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, and two commanders and seven deputies as defendants.

“How is a man tied to a chair a threat?” Cole said in a statement. “Being Black didn’t warrant that kind of treatment, humiliation, to be tied up for hours and degraded. I’ve never felt so defeated, and I couldn’t even protect my body.”

In naming the county, the lawsuit alleges deputies at the jail should have had more and better training.

“It is Boulder County’s and Defendant Pelle’s responsibility to properly train Boulder County officers to ensure they perform their duties correctly and to discipline, rather than ratify, their improper conduct, so that officers can learn from their mistakes… Boulder County’s and Defendant Pelle’s failure to do so has led to its officers’ unconstitutional conduct and will predictably lead to more unconstitutional conduct in the future,” the lawsuit states.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on the matter Thursday.

“The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office had a policy in place prohibiting the use of a taser on a restrained inmate at the time of this event, and our staff had been trained on that policy,” Pelle said in a statement. “The involved deputy, was placed on leave within hours of the incident, and within a few weeks he was separated from our employment and charged with misdemeanor assault. The sheriff’s office acted quickly and with full public transparency in the handling of this misuse of force, and to hold the former employee accountable.

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Source:: The Denver Post

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