‘In loathing memory’ bench plaque mocking Boris Johnson mysteriously vanishes

A bench plaque of Boris Johnson mysteriously appeared before vanishing in Atherton

The bench plaque in, er, honour of Boris Johnson (Pictures: Getty / MEN Media)

A bench plaque in ‘loathing memory’ of former prime minister Boris Johnson has been taken down.

The Tory politician’s popularity has had its ups and down, but as the scandals piled up this year, it nosedived until he eventually resigned altogether.

And it seems for the people of Atherton, Wigan, his legacy isn’t a good one.

A plaque was spotted on a Market Street bench last week that read: ‘In loathing memory of Alexander “Boris” De Pfeffel Johnson. Prime Minister June 2019 to July 2022. Forgotten but not gone.’

But according to Wigan Today, the epitaph has been taken down as of today. No one knows who installed it or who took it down.

Anita and Brian Thomas, whose Dry Clean Centre shop has the bench on their doorstep, said the plaque was something of a tourist attraction.

‘Everyone is coming now, two bobbies came and one was tying their shoelace on the bench when I asked them if they had seen the plaque, they were shocked,’ Anita said.

‘It seems to be getting famous. People are coming into town just to look at it.

‘We have no idea who put it up. It wasn’t us though. I like Boris but I giggled. Now it’s online, everyone has come down.’

People were travelling to the town to see the memorial (Picture: MEN Media)

Boris Johnson left Downing Street after a scandal-filled premiership (Picture: Getty Images)

The sign has since mysteriously vanished (Picture: MEN MEDIA)

To husband Brian, Johnson’s time in office was ‘one of the worst premierships in history’.

‘But he did have to deal with a lot. We didn’t put the sign up but we did have a laugh when we saw it,’ he said.

Source:: Metro News

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