Thousands of sea creatures wash up dead on beach in the North East

Starfish and crabs are among the sea creatures to wash up dead (Picture: Twitter/@AlertRedcar)

Starfish and crabs are among the sea creatures to wash up dead (Picture: Twitter/@AlertRedcar)

Countless marine creatures have once again washed up dead on the North East coast, shortly after dredging restarted on the River Tees.

Work went ahead on the river bed from September 1, despite desperate pleas from conservation groups, local residents and the fishing industry, which feared a repeat of a mass marine life die-off last October.

But the dredging was given the green light and yesterday, three weeks on, pictures emerged appearing to show thousands of dead animals on beaches in Saltburn and Marske. Similar scenes have been reported in Hartlepool.

It comes after a lifeless Minke whale washed up in Redcar, 10 days after the dredging restarted nearby, though it is unclear what killed the animal.

Now, in scenes reminiscent of what happened 11 months ago, devastating footage has revealed scores of razor clams dead on the coastline. Shocking images show crabs, fish, mussels and other marine creatures washed up on the shore.  

Experts are as yet unable to say what has caused the deaths but locals are convinced that dredging is behind the ongoing problems.

That is despite Defra repeatedly insisting that an ‘algal bloom’ was to blame for the original die-offs. Experts have disputed that claim and pointed to research showing huge quantities of pyridine in crabs.

The environment department is aware of the new die-off but again declined to link the issue to dredging or halt any further dredges when contacted by

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A dead Minke whale washed up on Redcar beach on September 10 (Picture: Getty Images)

Campaigner Sally Bunce declared herself ‘sad, angry and confused’ by Defra’s conduct.

She …read more

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