This is what Starbucks workers really think about the chain’s changes to how they’ll make cold brew and other iced drinks

A new system is touted as something that will help Starbucks workers make cold drinks more easily.

Starbucks just unveiled new technology that will change how workers make cold-brew coffee and other iced drinks.
Insider spoke to nine US Starbucks workers to hear their thoughts on the announcement. 
Workers told Insider that they want changes that will make their jobs easier, but not at the expense of their craft. 

A week after Starbucks announced plans to overhaul its cold drink-making processes, nine of the coffee chain’s workers across the US told Insider they have mixed feelings on the changes: They say the new procedures could help them serve customers more quickly, but some worried that speed could come at the expense of quality.

“If what you want is a giant frappuccino vending machine, then you’ll be happy with the direction Starbucks has been taking,” one barista in Boston told Insider. 

One of the biggest changes coming to Starbucks: The Siren System, which is a new set of procedures and equipment for cold drinks that the chain says will cut down the time to make a Grande Mocha Frappuccino to 36 seconds and 13 steps — compared to 87 seconds and 16 steps with the current system. And a new system for making cold brew is even more of an overhaul: So called “cold-pressed” technology will allow baristas to make cold brew in a few seconds compared to the 20 hours it now takes to brew the stuff.

And cold drinks are important to the company: Iced drinks now make up about 70% of Starbucks’ sales, CEO Howard Schultz said recently. They’re particularly popular with younger Gen Z and Millenial customers. 

The company said all the drinks and machines were developed in collaboration with baristas and are based on input from workers. Meanwhile, …read more

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