Against Davis Mills, Bears ‘still gotta show up as if we are playing Aaron Rodgers’

Texans quarterback Davis Mills scrambles against the Broncos.


Alan Williams insists that the Bears play a nameless, faceless opponent each week.

Davis Mills is no Aaron Rodgers, though. The Texans quarterback has 13 career starts. Rodgers has 208. Mills has two career wins; Rodgers seemingly beats the Bears twice each season.

Williams, the Bears’ defensive coordinator, said the Bears try not to think about the disparities between quarterbacks week-to-week — ”We want the standard to stay high … no matter who we play,” he said — but he acknowledged the fact the Bears will try to show the second-year Mills something he’s never seen before Sunday at Soldier Field.

“We tried with Aaron Rodgers — don’t think we didn’t try,” he said. “He just, he has seen it, he has recognized it. And yes, maybe this quarterback may not — but we still approach it the same way.”

Mills “might not have the credibility of Aaron Rodgers,” defensive end Robert Quinn said, but the Bears have to beware nonetheless. 

“We still gotta show up as if we are playing Aaron Rodgers,” he said. “Because any given Sunday, somebody can look like a Hall of Famer. 

“Regardless of who the quarterback is, we still have to prepare as if he’s the best.”

While he’s no Rodgers, Mills is one of the best quarterbacks of the 2021 draft class. Statistically, he’s better, right now, than Bears quarterback Justin Fields. The more relevant question, though, is whether the Bears will be able to say the same at the end of the season.

Fields has loud tools that the Bears still need to help polish. Mills appears more fully-formed, though without the ceiling of the …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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