School serves incredibly sad slice of ‘cardboard’ pizza for £1.65

school serves sad slice of 'cardboard' pizza

The meagre slice has caused major disappointment for parents (Picture: Evening Gazette/Google)

A Yorkshire mum has slammed a ‘sad’ slice of ‘cardboard’ pizza and ‘tiny dessert’ served to her child for her school dinner.

The woman claimed the school on Baysdale Road, Thornaby is charging too much for its meagre lunch portions, and claims its actions are ‘contrary’ to its ethos of putting children’s welfare first.

Posting a picture of the pizza, she wrote: ‘This monstrosity is what Thornaby Academy thinks is suitable to serve the kids at £1.65 a slice.

The mother was already aggrieved with the school after they forced her to fork out over £100 due to their strict uniform policy.

‘We were actually howling at how bad [the dinner] was,” the mum told Teesside Live, ‘I thought ‘what on earth are you feeding these kids for £1.65?

‘A sad-looking slice of pizza that looks more like cardboard. People were saying “Is that a little bit of bacon on the dessert” but it isn’t, it’s a tiny slice of strawberry.

‘They put a post on saying the dinners would be much better than last year. I just keep thinking “what delicacy are they going to come up with today?”’

The mum claims charging £1.65 for such poor quality meals goes against the school’s ethos of putting children’s welfare first (Picture: Evening Gazette)

This isn’t the first time the academy has been accused of putting profit before wellbeing, with the mum explaining how their strict adherence to a rigid uniform policy left her daughter in ‘agony’.

‘My child has a problem with her joints,’ she said. ‘She’s been referred to the musculoskeletal department. I went in and explained to the school, I said she needs some sturdy shoes that she can put insoles in.

‘They wouldn’t let …read more

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