How to turn the job you have into the job you want

Insider Events hosted a live discussion about reshaping your career without changing positions.

Millions of Americans have joined the Great Resignation.
Al Dea, a career advisor, said people are often on autopilot about their plans for growing at work.
People who are hesitant to quit can take steps to make the best of their job.

It’s tempting to fantasize about quitting a job you don’t like, especially with the momentum of millions of Americans joining the Great Resignation. But for workers who are hesitant or unable to quit, it can be unclear how to make the best of where you are.

Many of us are just kind of winging it.

While searching through books at the intersection of business, careers, and self-improvement, Insider’s correspondent Shana Lebowitz Gaynor realized she couldn’t find what she was seeking.

“I noticed that there weren’t really that many books and there wasn’t that much guidance in general for people like me — and I mean specifically people who are not in a direct managing role or in a people-managing role but they’re still driven and ambitious professionals,” she said, adding that much of the advice was geared toward leaders “telling them this is how to keep your people happy and engaged and performing well.”

In her recently released book, “Don’t Call It Quits: Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Love,” the experienced journalist compiled the career advice she wanted to see in the world.

In a live editorial event, Insider’s Ebony Flake, a C-suite reporter, spoke with Lebowitz Gaynor and Al Dea, the founder of the career consultancy Betterwork Labs. They covered three takeaways from the book and shared testimonials of their career pivots.

Circumvent the ‘Big Quit’

Work-related misery is not new, but the number of workers fulfilling the impulse to abandon their jobs

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