From LightStream to Sofi to Avant: The best personal loans of September 2022

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A personal loan could be a good choice to cover the cost of something like a medical bill or a home improvement project.

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The best personal loan for you often depends on your credit score, as one lender may offer a better deal than another. We’ve rounded up the best lenders for people with a range of credit scores, with a particular emphasis on finding companies that offer low APRs. 

Wells Fargo
PenFed Credit Union
Service Credit Union
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
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LightStream (jump to LightStream personal loan details »)

Why LightStream stands out: Truist created LightStream for online loans, and the bank offers personal loans for things like home remodels, medical debt, and debt consolidation. LightStream is the best option for those with excellent credit because its lowest APR is lower than any other lender on our list — even though SoFi has a higher minimum credit score requirement.

Look out for: High credit score requirements. LightStream’s minimum credit requirement for a personal loan is 660, so this lender might not be right for all credit types.  

Read Insider’s full review of LightStream.

SoFi (jump to SoFi personal loan details »)

Why SoFi stands out: SoFi’s personal loans have a minimum credit score requirement of 680, at the lower end of what’s considered a good credit score. People with a good credit score will likely be able to get a good rate with SoFi, but borrowers with an excellent credit score may be able to …read more

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