Spotify now offers audiobooks, but you’ll need to buy each title separately

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The Spotify app is getting a new “Audiobooks” section.

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that it’s adding audiobooks to its mobile and desktop apps.
Spotify users can now purchase audiobooks and then listen to them within the app.
Over 300,000 audiobooks are available right now, and more will be added over time.

Spotify has spent the last few years trying its hardest to become a one-stop-shop for audio entertainment. That means music, podcasts — and starting today for users in the US, audiobooks.

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that it’s launching a new audiobook feature. Over 300,000 titles will be added today, and more are coming in the future.

You can stream audiobooks on Spotify now — for a price

Just like music and podcasts, audiobooks will appear as an option on your Spotify Home, Search, and Library pages. You can download any of your books to listen to them offline. And if you close an audiobook midway and then launch it again later, the stream will pick up right where you left off.

The audiobook player also includes the same speed controls that you usually see on podcasts, as well as a ratings system, so you can rant or rave about your favorite titles.

Each chapter gets its own track.

All of this comes with a catch, though: Unlike songs or podcasts, you can’t just pick out an audiobook and start listening right away. You first need to buy any audiobook you want to listen to. But once you buy a book, it’ll be added to your Library, where it’ll stay forever.

Notably, Spotify’s audiobook system is going to work differently than a lot of other audiobook apps, like Audible. While Audible lets you pay a …read more

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