6 savings accounts that make it easy to save for different goals, like an emergency fund or travel

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Saving for separate money goals may make it easier to track your progress.

Saving for separate goals helps you track your progress and manage your money.
Some savings accounts let you name each goal and divvy up your savings between them.
You can save for different objectives with Ally High Yield Savings Account, Betterment Cash Reserve Account, Capital One 360 Performance Savings™, Navy Federal Credit Union Share Savings Account, Sallie Mae SmartyPig Account, and Wealthfront Cash Account.

Saving for different expenses can make it easier to manage your money than keeping all your savings in the same place. There are several savings accounts that let you save for separate goals and name each of them, like “Emergency Savings” or “Car Fund.”

With most of the banks on this list, you only have to open one savings account. Then you can name individual goals within the account. (Ally calls these “savings buckets,” which is a useful metaphor.)

Take a look at these savings accounts and consider which one is the best fit.

Banks that make it easy to save for different goals
1. Ally High Yield Savings Account

2. Betterment Cash Reserve Account

3. Capital One 360 Performance Savings™

4. Navy Federal Credit Union Share Savings Account

Note: This is the only account on our list that doesn’t let you set up separate goals in one account. You’ll have to create multiple savings accounts and name each one. But because Navy Federal doesn’t charge monthly service fees, there …read more

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