A New York couple’s shipping container home and tiny cabin stays have become popular on Airbnb. Now they want similar ones across the US.

A brother and sister team in New York is building tiny homes to list on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.
Their two builds located a four-hour drive from New York City have been hitting an over 90% occupancy rate.
The sibling duo wants to build 100 units around the country in the next five years.

Why vacation in a giant resort with hundreds of other guests when you can relax off-grid in a tiny cabin tucked away in the mountains?

Over the last two years, unconventional accommodations — be it tiny homes, treehouses, or shipping container homes — have skyrocketed in popularity …

… a sign that travelers are passing up on conventional hotels in favor of untraditional Instagram-worthy homes that make the accommodations part of the vacation.

And now, investors, builders, hospitality companies, and scrappy startups across the US have been cashing in on this unique short-term rental boom …

… including Emily and Gabriel Broomfield, a brother and sister duo who have built two wildly popular tiny homes, including one based in a shipping container.

Before venturing into the short-term rental industry, the siblings found their entrepreneurial start selling home decor on Amazon and face shields at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, using the profits from their successful face shield business, the Broomfields decided to spend three months building a shipping container-based home now known as the Scenic Orchard.

Soon after debuting the home on platforms like Airbnb, the tiny home was flooded with bookings.

And within four-and-a-half months, the siblings made their money back on the unit.

It was this sudden and surprising rise in popularity that made the team realize they had a solid business model.

“The return on investment of tiny homes …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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