Amazon workers in the UK are protesting after being given a pay rise of just 42 cents an hour

Amazon’s warehouse at Tilbury in Essex, east of London.

Amazon workers at several UK warehouses across have been holding protests over pay this week. 
Insider spoke to three who say they are treated “like slaves” and struggling due to high inflation.
One warehouse worker was suspended on Friday and blamed the move on a decision to protest. 

Hundreds of workers at some of Amazon’s UK warehouses have been holding protests after being told they are getting a pay rise of just 35p (42 cents) an hour despite soaring inflation.

The retail giant’s decision sparked walkouts and protests at its warehouses in Tilbury, Bristol, Coventry and Dartford in England.

The GMB union said protests had spread to other depots, with workers slowing down to process just one package an hour, The Guardian reported.

Insider spoke to three employees at its Tilbury warehouse in Essex, east of London. 

Diana Beniuliene, 31, a warehouse operative, said: “Managers treat staff like slaves. It’s stressful, I can’t sleep or eat properly.” 

Last week managers told staff that they would need to wait until October for a pay rise, but they found out on Thursday that they were increasing the hourly rate by 35p (42 cents) an hour. 

“An increase of 35p is insulting because of our hard work. They can’t operate without us,” Beniuliene said. 

She works 10-hour night shifts for an hourly rate of £11.10 ($13.40), which Insider has verified. The rise takes her pay to £11.45 ($13.82) an hour. 

Beniuliene says she has to pack “very heavy” items with a maximum weight of 15 kilos per package. “Per night shift I pack around 4,000 items and they push us to do more and for them it’s still not enough,” she said. 

Workers at Tilbury told he company it had seven days to increase pay by at least £3 ($3.62) an hour and …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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