Free & clear: Bears RB David Montgomery refreshed as he emerges from depression

Montgomery has often been frustrated, both with his own performance and the team’s, during his three years with the Bears. But his outlook is clearing up.

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David Montgomery has faced plenty of frustration throughout his Bears career. The losses have piled up, and he often found his own performances not good enough.

That wore him down and led to depression, Montgomery revealed Wednesday, and it was a lonely, laborious journey before he began emerging from it this year. He credited God and the joy that came with finding out he’d soon become a father for his mind clearing up.

“It had nothing to do with the coaches; it was more so with myself, not having met the standards or the expectations that I put on myself, going back to creating those unnecessary pressures for myself,” Montgomery said. “We go through a lot of mental battles on a daily basis, but since we’re athletes and we get a lot of money, that gets overlooked. We’re still human beings, and people forget about that.

“For a while, I masked it… I could not continue to live my life unhappy, so I was just in a bad place like mentally… But it’s on the up and up now, and I’m grateful and I’m blessed that God brought me here.”

Montgomery seemed refreshed as he explained his experience. His faith is strong, and he’s ready to push forward as he enters his fourth season.

Given how bleak the last three were, it’s understandable that he got derailed.

The Bears arrived at training camp in 2019 thinking they were headed toward the Super Bowl, and Montgomery landed in what …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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