The head of remote work at a startup knows how hard it can be to see coworkers only through a screen. Here’s how she’s creating a robust virtual-work experience.

“It’s obvious things are becoming more remote, not less; more digital, not less, more asynchronous,” Liberty Planck, the head of remote experience at Gusto, told Insider.

As more companies embrace virtual work, a new role has emerged: the head of remote work experience.
Liberty Planck is the first to hold the role at the HR software startup Gusto.
Planck shared her formula for shaping a new remote- and hybrid-work experience for Gustees.

When Liberty Planck took a new position as head of remote work at Gusto, a company that makes HR software, she felt firsthand the isolation that remote work can bring. 

Like 5 million other Americans, she had moved to a new city with a remote job. But Planck struggled to rebuild her community. So she did something many remote workers will relate to: She joined a Slack group. This one was about raising kids. One week in, Planck was messaging with new coworkers over the challenges of being a working parent, completely online. 

“It was the most connected I had felt to coworkers since the pandemic,” she said. 

More than two years since stay-at-home orders forced many employees to convert living space to office space, the pandemic has reshaped how many of us work. Now, as more companies make remote or hybrid setups permanent, a new leadership role has emerged: the head of remote work experience. 

Companies such as Meta, Dropbox, and Twitter have hired new C-suite roles to oversee this transition, and firms of all sizes are following suit. Gusto, which helps small businesses manage things like payroll and benefits, hired Planck as its first head of remote experience to make sure its employees succeed and feel connected amid the daily blizzard of Slack messages and video calls. 

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