Mike Pence claims that Joe Biden lies more than any other president he’s seen, ignoring his 4 years working for Trump

A file photo of Mike Pence as US Vice President.

Mike Pence claimed that he had “never” seen a president lie as much as Joe Biden. 
The claim jars with his time as Vice President under Donald Trump, who told constant falsehoods.
Trump’s promotion of untrue narratives put Pence’s life in danger during the Capitol Riot.

Former Vice President Mike Pence said “never in my lifetime” had he seen a president lie as much as Joe Biden.

The claim sat oddly with his four years working for President Donald Trump as vice-president, in which Trump’s frequent telling of falsehoods and promotion of disinformation became a hallmark of his administration.

Pence made the common on Larry Kudlow’s Fox Business show on Monday. Kudlow asked Pence about Biden’s claims on inflation, which Kudrow claimed the president was failing to take responsibility for by pinning it on the war in Ukraine.

Kudlow was also a member of the Trump administration, running the National Economic Council from 2018 to the end of the Trump administration in 2021.

“Have you ever seen a president who refuses to accept blame, and I want to add to that, commits so many falsehoods?” asked.

“I’m being very polite here, calling it falsehoods – falsehoods, you know, on any given day. He’s out there saying stuff that just ain’t true. Have you ever seen anything like that?”

—Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 20, 2022

Pence replied that he hadn’t.

“Never in my lifetime,” said the former vice president. “I said today that there has never been a time in my life where a president was more disconnected from the American people than we see today.”

Pence’s comment puzzled critics given Trump’s reputation of disregarding the truth, 

Fact checkers found Trump to have made false statements almost daily while in office, sometimes multiple times within one speech or interview, and habitually …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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