I want a prenup because my fiancée has been divorced before, but she refuses. How can I get her to sign?

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This week, a wealthy reader asks how to get his previously divorced fiancée to sign a prenup.
Our columnist asks him to take a step back and think through why it matters that she’s divorced.
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Dear For Love & Money,

My fiancée is a divorcée. When we met I was a confirmed bachelor. I am well off, but more than my money, I have built my own business from the ground up. I want a prenuptial agreement not because I don’t trust my fiancée, but because I want to protect my business and my employees just in case what happened to her last marriage happens to ours.

My fiancée finds the idea of a prenuptial agreement insulting and every time I bring it up she refuses to even talk about it. I know she finds the conversation offensive because she is embarrassed that her first marriage didn’t work out, and while I feel for her, I still want a prenup. 

How can I get her to have this conversation with me, or even better, get her to sign the papers?


I’m Not Saying She’s a Gold-Digger

Dear I’m Not Saying She’s a Gold-Digger,

The problem with prenups is the reality they underline. Marriage, for all the pomp and circumstance of weddings, is essentially a business agreement, and prenuptial agreements are for couples whose circumstances necessitate more elaborate legal protections than the ones offered by the state. But for those of us who grew up on Disney princesses and Brides magazine, marriage also embodies the concept of true …read more

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