ESG reporting: A guide for your company to get started

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Many companies are taking action toward a more sustainable future, but are not taking the step to report on their efforts and outcomes.
There are concrete steps that companies can take to start disclosing their ESG initiatives and data.
This article is part of the “Financing a Sustainable Future” series exploring how companies take steps toward funding and setting their own sustainable goals.

In 2018, Rachel Hutchisson, vice president of global social responsibility at Blackbaud, a technology company that makes cloud software for non-profits and other organizations, approached her CEO about putting out a sustainability report.

The company had a long history of philanthropy and volunteerism, but nothing was tracked or shared with the public. Reporting, Hutchisson felt, would help Blackbaud show its investors, employees, and customers the progress it was making around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, while also helping it define its ESG identity.

“We were doing all this work to support what we sell and we’re telling inspiring customer stories, but we weren’t talking about us and showing off that we’re a place that really cares,” she said. “I wanted to do a social responsibility report to make sure our leaders really understood what we were doing.”

Blackbaud released its first report that year, which Hutchisson admits was “pretty light,” but it’s grown to become a multifaceted document that outlines everything from the way it gives back to its communities to diversity and inclusion metrics to how its reduced its carbon footprint. As Blackbaud has grown its ESG reporting program, so too have other companies, both private and public. According to Deloitte’s Center for Audit Quality, 95% of S&P 500 companies have publicly available ESG information.

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