Asian carp: Illinois to announce rename the fish in hopes more people will eat it

State officials hope rebranding the Asian carp will lead to more people eating the fish and more commercial fishing operations pulling them from the Illinois River.

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An Asian carp by any other name is still an Asian carp — but Illinois officials hope people will bite.

A new name for the much-maligned fish will be announced Wednesday by state officials who hope the rebrand will shed the negative image of a muddy tasting bottom-feeder and inject the truth — they’re top-feeding plankton eaters that taste quite good.

The “Big Reveal” will be hosted by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which hired the same marketing firm that came up with the name “Divvy” for the city’s bike-share program.

“We did extensive testing and talking to folks, something like 1,000 people looked at and reviewed the name and designs, this one was like infinitely well responded to, leaps and bounds over the other names,” said Nick Adams, an executive with Span Studio.

State officials hope the rebrand will lead to more people eating the fish, which would lead more commercial fishing operations to pull them from the Illinois River and, ultimately, decrease their numbers and the risk that Asian carp could eventually make their way into the Great Lakes.

The fish, an invasive species and a voracious eater, could jeopardize the ecosystem of the Great Lakes by eating too much plankton, the basis of a food chain for many other creatures. 

The effort is backed by $600,000 in federal funding through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative for the initial rebrand and to get the name into the minds of the public over three or four years of …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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