Teen nearly died after his lung burst inhaling laughing gas at music festival

laughing gas

Alex Littler, 16, was rushed to hospital (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A teenager is lucky to be alive after his lung burst after inhaling laughing gas at a music festival.

Alex Littler, 16, inhaled nitrous oxide at Parklife Festival in Manchester. But on the Monday he was rushed to hospital after he complained of a swollen neck, breathlessness and that his chest felt like ‘popping bubble wrap’.

He was forced to confess to his mum, Cathy McCann, 44 and doctors about inhaling the laughing gas.

At the hospital, Alex was diagnosed with a ruptured and leaking lung with doctors telling him he was lucky to be alive.

But they highlighted there was still a risk the 16-year-old would need surgery to remove air trapped around his heart and lungs.

Thankfully an oxygen mask that was left on overnight removed the trapped air without Alex requiring surgery.

Since being in hospital, Alex confessed he’s previously used the drug but has vowed to never take it again.

It has left his mum Cathy, from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, distraught after the ordeal.

It wasn’t the first time Alex had taken laughing gas (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Alex complained of a swollen neck, breathlessness and that his chest felt like ‘popping bubble wrap’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

She said: ‘He’s said it’s the worst thing he could have done. He didn’t realise himself what the dangers were and he did it because all his mates were doing it.

‘It upsets me thinking about it, it’s horrible. It could have been fatal. It could have killed him. His lung has got a hole in it.

‘The gases can affect on your spinal chord, go to your brain and deaden your brain. I was beside myself because I didn’t know the full facts …read more

Source:: Metro News

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