10 of the very best tablets you can buy in 2022, no matter your budget

Woman on a tablet.

Picking up a new tablet? Then these are the ones you should consider buying (Picture: Getty)

There are times when a tablet is much, much more preferable than a smartphone for accomplishing a task.

Even if that task is sitting around reading the news. Which, I suppose, is exactly what you’re doing right now.

The great thing about tablets now, rather than tablets five or ten years ago, is you get decent ones for reasonable prices and they’ve got way more functionality than you might think.

Some are effectively just mini computers. You can attach a keyboard and mouse and use them to replace your laptop.

Whereas others can be thought of a supercharged smartphones. Doing things your phone can do, only with a bigger screen and better speakers.

We’ve rounded up our favourites here, with options to suit every specification and budget.

Best all-rounder: Apple iPad Air

Sadly the keyboard accessory will cost you extra. (Picture: EPA)

If you just want to cut straight to the chase and find the best possible tablet for the most amount of uses, it’s this one: the iPad Air (2022).

Its benefits are numerous: a distinct and frequently updated operating system, a huge amount of processing power, a plethora of available accessories, and excellent build quality.

Yes, it means you’re locked into Apple’s ecosystem and it also may seem expensive up front. But make no mistake, the iPad Air is the James Milner of the tablet world. It can handle anything you want it to and it’ll keep going for absolutely ages.

Get the iPad Air (2022) from £569 at John Lewis.

If you want to know even more about it, we’ve got a full review right here.

Best budget option: Amazon Fire HD8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 works best when …read more

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