US Air Force commandos trained to rescue other troops are getting used to a ‘way more difficult’ environment in the Pacific

A US Air Force pararescuemen crosses a waterway using a rope system during jungle warfare training in Wahiawa, Hawaii, April 1, 2022.

The US military is shifting its focus toward the Indo-Pacific region amid competition with China.
That shift means US troops are doing more training to deal with conditions specific to that region.
This spring, Air Force commandos trained in one of the region’s toughest environments: the jungle.

Georgia-based Air Force special operators deployed to the Pacific this spring for jungle-warfare training.

Such training is nothing new for US troops, but this exercise comes as the US military is shifting its focus a potential conflict with China in the Indo-Pacific region — where US conventional and special-operations forces may find themselves up against a well-armed enemy in a dense, sweltering jungle.

Air Force Special Operations Command commandos from the 38th Rescue Squadron based at Moody Air Force Base spent almost a month between March and April in Hawaii to hone their jungle-warfare skills.

As pararescuemen, these commandos focused their training on tracking personnel in the jungle and on avoiding being tracked themselves, while also testing their tactics, techniques, and procedures in other skill sets.

In a press release, Lt. Col. Michael Vins, the squadron’s commanding officer, noted that the jungle is a “very unforgiving environment” and that US special operators “need to be ready for that kind of environment by training there, understanding how to survive there.”

Air Force special warfare operators learn about tracking in the jungle of Wahiawa, March 29, 2022.

As US special operators found in World War II and Vietnam, the jungle is probably one of the hardest places to fight. Visibility is limited — sometimes to just a few yards — and the surroundings are rife with dangers, including …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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