Ten Southern California politicians who lost big this election

There were a lot of winners in the June 7 primary election. But there were also a lot of losers. Once-rising stars and big-deals-in-their-own-mind ran for office and lost. Those are my favorite political stories.

Here are ten Southern California pols who emerged from June 7 with giant Ls on their forehead.

1. John Valdivia

San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia has been booted from office after just one term as mayor. He is currently trailing challengers Helen Tran (41.56%) and James Penman (20.08%) with just 16.94% of the vote.  It’s a well-earned repudiation by the voters of San Bernardino, who really do deserve better.

Valdivia should’ve resigned two years ago amid accusations of sexual harassment and other misconduct (some of which were later independently validated) in early 2020. But then came the coronavirus pandemic, which swept away all other considerations.

Valdivia has tried to cast himself as a populist hero, a man of the people, but he’s really just your standard-issue corrupt local politician. He and former Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu should be best friends.

In the last two years he’s seen his own loyalists on the council turn on him and late last year was even censured by the council for misuse of public funds.

If this is indeed the end of Valdivia, then all one can really say is: Good riddance.

2. Andrew Do

Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do, when he’s not making headlines for sketchiness, or complaining about public records requests, is ostensibly a big deal. He’s been a politician in Orange County on and off for over a decade, first as a Garden Grove councilman and an Orange County supervisor since 2015.

Accordingly, like many Orange County Republicans with unmerited ambition, he thought it was time for a move up and so he threw his hat in the ring for state treasurer. This set up the …read more

Source:: Los Angeles Daily News

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