See inside these propeller planes used to fly to business meetings, holidays in the Alps, or for training pilots

The Piper M600/SLS.

These Piper propeller planes are used on flights to business meetings and by holidaymakers.
I toured three models on display at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition.
The largest and fastest plane I toured would cost a cool $3.3 million.

The M600/SLS is Piper’s flagship jet and the most expensive of the models I visited, at $3.3 million.The Piper M600/SLS.

The model — alongside the M350 and M500 — is part of the company’s “M Class” that are all pressurized, a representative for Piper told Insider.The Piper M600/SLS.

The jet can cruise at altitudes of 30,000 ft.The Piper M600/SLS.

Inside, the aircraft was compact but spacious enough for six people. A small cargo hold was situated at the back of the plane.Inside the M600/SLS.

The seat pairs faced each other, while each seat also featured charging ports, cup holders, and earphone plugs.Inside the M600/SLS.

The plane can travel for 1,658 nautical miles, with a maximum cruising speed of just over 500 kilometers an hour.The Piper M600/SLS.

Because of its speed, people often use the planes to travel between cities for business meetings, a representative told Insider. Around half of those who use the planes for business travel fly themselves.Inside the M600/SLS.

People also use them as recreational jets to travel across Europe, because the pressurized cabin means the plane can cruise at high altitudes over mountainous areas like the Alps.The Piper M600/SLS.

The M350 was structured similarly to the M600. Families often choose the model for leisure travel, a Piper representative told Insider.The Piper M350.

There are about 1,000 of the propeller planes in operation. Like the M600, the M350 also seats six people and has a pressurized cabin.The Piper M350.

Inside, the plane was configured in …read more

Source:: Businessinsider

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