No fingerprints: How Donald Trump kept his hands clean at the Trump Organization

Donald Trump shunned computers, emails, and texts as he ran his hotel and golf resort empire.
Instead, he penned directives in Sharpie, often on soon-discarded Post-it Notes.
NY Attorney General Letitia James has sought these Trump business documents for two years — with limited success.

On Donald Trump’s desk, high above Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, a pair of burgundy-colored letter trays sit side by side.

The left tray, if one is facing the desk, is the inbox; the outbox is always on the right. All day long for decades, a cadre of typically young, female assistants dropped manila folders into the inbox. And they carried away the manila folders from the outbox.

The folders held hard copy paperwork — contract and appraisal drafts, spreadsheets, printouts of emails and news stories, checks in need of signing — the life-blood of the Trump Organization, all flowing in and out of the ventricles of those burgundy boxes.

“I didn’t think it was my position to look inside” those folders, Trump’s longtime executive assistant, Rhona Graff, told investigators with the New York attorney general’s office last month, describing the inbox-outbox system while testifying that her boss had no business-document retention policy in the decades before trading his Trump Tower desk for the Oval Office Resolute Desk in 2017.

AG Letitia James, now winding up a three-year probe of the Trump Organization, would very much have liked to look inside those folders.

She knows how vital hard copy documents are, given that the computer-averse Trump ran his multi-billion-dollar company as if in the mid-20th century, shunning email and text chains, and relying instead on spoken and handwritten directives. 

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Source:: Businessinsider

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