Here’s what to do if your flight is canceled, as overwhelming demand and labor shortages rattle airlines and disrupt summer travel

Travelers queue up at the north security checkpoint in the main terminal of Denver International Airport, Thursday, May 26, 2022, in Denver.

Thousands of flights were cancelled or delayed this Juneteenth holiday weekend as airlines struggle to manage demand and labor shortages. 
This follows a turbulent Memorial Day weekend, pointing to ongoing summer travel woes. 
Here are six tips to deal with delayed and canceled flights this summer. 

If the Memorial Day and Juneteenth holiday weekend travel snarls are any indication, flight delays and cancellations are going to be an unfortunate ongoing theme this summer. 

Airlines have canceled or delayed nearly 16,000 flights within, out of, or into the US since Friday according to Flight Aware, thwarting holiday plans for travelers around the country, and in once case even leaving dozens of passengers stranded for more than 24 hours at the Atlanta airport.

The travel woes have intensified since Memorial Day weekend, when more than 2,500 flights were canceled, as airlines struggle to keep up with overwhelming demand and labor shortages that have left many carriers understaffed. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pressed airline executives this week to improve operations by taking steps like cutting additional flights from summer schedules. Buttegieg warned that the Department of Transportation may take enforcement action, such as fines against carriers, if they don’t comply, Politico reported.  

Many airlines like have already started scaling back on summer flights, with carriers like Delta announcing that it is slashing 100 flights per day in July and August to prevent further disruptions caused by high demand and the national labor crunch.  

Still, the travel disruptions continue. While there’s no foolproof method to avoid being stranded when flight cancellations and delays strike, travelers should take precautions before heading to the airport to increase their chances of resolving airline-related issues.

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Source:: Businessinsider

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