Bob Raissman: Too much winning can hurt ratings, but not with this Yankees team

Even in the best of times the Yankees, as a TV product, have been taken for granted.

The organization’s mission statement was “World Series or bust.” The high expectations often diminished the importance of the regular season. Viewers would tune in until the Bombers’ road to October appeared to be cleared then tune out, waiting for the postseason, when the games “really mattered,” to tune back in.

For some eyeballs, watching the Yankees dominate night after night became tedious, especially when the games were not even competitive. ”Wake me up in October” became their battle cry. Now, the Yankees are in a similar position, way over .500 and pulling away from the rest of the AL East.

If the beat goes on, and a postseason appearance becomes a sure thing, will eyeballs exit YES telecasts? Will winning “fatigue” once again set in as it did before, especially during the Joe Torre/Core 4 dynasty years?

Not this time around. Things should be different. 

There are a few reasons. By their own high expectations, the Yankees haven’t won anything since 2009. And during that 13-year drought, the organization – aka Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Randy Levine – has successfully sold the notion that regular season success leading to a playoff appearance, is by no means a sure thing. They have elevated the importance of the regular season and the Yankees sustaining year-in-year-out “success.”

Pontificators in the Valley of the Stupid and other media precincts, have bought into the organization’s propaganda, er, explanation. So, at least publicly, they lowered expectations. The pinstripe masses have mostly accepted this new philosophy.

Now, visions of what might be, and winning on almost a nightly basis, is enough to help fuel viewership numbers. YES’ average total viewership this season is up over 11% from 2021. And the network, in nine games this season, averaged over …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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