How to get the Spotify widget on your phone and control music from the home screen

Installing the Spotify app gives you access to its widget.

You can add a Spotify widget to your phone’s home screen on both iPhone and Android.
The Spotify widget on iPhone shows you the albums and playlists you’ve listened to recently.
On Android, the Spotify widget lets you play, pause, fast forward, and rewind through your songs.

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Widgets are small pop-ups that give you information or let you access your favorite apps without having to open them. Your phone in particular comes pre-loaded with widgets for the weather, your photos, and more. And as you install new apps, your widgets list just grows larger.

Spotify now offers widgets for both iPhone and Androids. What the widget does on both devices is a bit different, but both are just as simple to install.

Here’s how to get the Spotify widget on your phone’s home screen and quickly access all your favorite tunes.

How to get the Spotify widget on iPhone

This works on iPads, too.

1. Press and hold your finger down on any empty space on your iPhone’s home screen, or on the dedicated widgets page to the far-left.

2. When everything starts shaking, tap the plus sign that appears in the top-left corner of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the long list of every app that offers a widget, and select Spotify.

4. Choose what size you want the widget to be — it can either be a small square or a long rectangle — and then tap Add Widget.

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You’ll find Spotify in the list of apps with widgets.

5. The Spotify widget will appear on the page you chose. Tap and hold it to drag it around, and move it to the spot you want.

6. Once you’ve got it placed, tap Done in the …read more

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