Biden’s agenda is struggling after a string of failures brought by Senate gridlock and a faltering COVID-19 strategy

President Joe Biden leaves a meeting with the Senate Democratic Caucus on Capitol Hill.

President Joe Biden is struggling to implement his agenda amid a string of recent setbacks.
The latest was on Thursday, Biden’s bid to defend voting rights and implement vaccine mandates suffered blows.
Some Democrats are pessimistic about their chances of retaining control of Congress after the November midterms. 

President Joe Biden appears to be on a losing streak as he approaches the first anniversary of his inauguration.

In recent months his key domestic bills have stalled in Congress, COVID-19 cases have surged again, and inflation has soared — and his approval ratings are falling.

The latest blow to his agenda came on Thursday, when Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona said she would not back a reform to the Senate’s filibuster rule — possibly ending Biden’s chances of passing a bill to defend voting rights.

Biden has spent significant political capital in seeking to push through voting-rights legislation, which he has characterised as a response to a bid by GOP-controlled state legislatures to subvert free elections. On Tuesday, he delivered an impassioned speech in support of voting rights, and on Thursday, he personally lobbied senators to back filibuster reform on Capitol Hill.

Yet it was not enough to sway neither Sinema nor Joe Manchin, two centrist Democrats in his party.

The situation mirrored the fate of Biden’s other core domestic bill — the $2 trillion Build Back Better social care and climate change bill, which has stalled amid opposition from Manchin.

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Also on Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled against the Biden administration’s push to mandate vaccines for employees of large companies.

With the Omicron variant surging, hospitals struggling to cope with a new influx of patients, and US vaccination rates lagging behind those of other nations, …read more

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