Energy firm who told us to ‘cuddle pets to keep warm’ set to axe 1,700 jobs

Ovo Energy boss, Stephen Fitzpatrick, apologised to customers for the 'poorly judged' advice to stay warm (Picture: PA)

OVO Energy boss, Stephen Fitzpatrick, apologised to customers for the ‘poorly judged’ advice to stay warm (Picture: PA)

The energy firm forced to apologise after telling people to ‘have a cuddle with their pets to stay cosy’ is set to axe 1,700 jobs, unions fear.

OVO Energy, Britain’s third largest energy supplier, is expected to make an announcement today.

Around a quarter of its 6,200 employees could be handed their P45s as part of a voluntary redundancy programme.

The job cuts – an attempt to restructure the company in a bid to save cash – have been branded a ‘New Year kick in the teeth’ for hard-working employees who have faced increased stress during the pandemic.

It comes as energy prices skyrocket, putting the industry in crisis.

General secretary Sharon Graham vowed to do ‘everything in our power to defend our members’ jobs.’

‘All and every option will be on the table,’ Ms Graham said.

‘As a first step the company must now open the books to union experts.

“We will not sit by and watch our members being made to pay the price of the pandemic.’ 

“It was a bad day, we made a mistake”

On #BBCBreakfast the boss of OVO Energy Stephen Fitzpatrick apologies to customers who were told to ‘cuddle a pet or loved one’ if they can’t afford to put the heating on.

— BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) January 12, 2022

OVO sparked fury after sending what has now been described as a ‘poorly judged’ blog to customers with 10 ‘simple and cost-effective ways’ to keep heating bills low.

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The ‘ludicrous’ recommendations to stay warm this winter included avoiding chilli as ‘it makes you sweat’, eating porridge, cleaning the house and doing star jumps.

The Bristol-based …read more

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