Denver’s five-year, 125-mile bike lane project passes halfway point

Cyclists are riding high after Denver’s addition of about 70 miles of bike lanes over the last three years.

The additions are part of Denver’s five-year plan to add 125 miles of bike lanes by 2024, which has cost $13.4 million so far, according to city records. The new bike lanes are part of Denver Moves, which does an ongoing assessment of the city’s bicycle accessibility.

One of the goals is to establish a “high-comfort” bike lane — which the city defines as one that is protected or gives cyclists more ownership of the road — within a quarter mile of every household, said Jennifer Hillhouse, the city’s transportation mobility planning director.

Hillhouse said 73% of Denver homes are that close now. She said the city could also “tweak” some bike lanes if they cause traffic or safety issues.

“What we do find is that as we narrow the roadway with installing the bike lanes, we are adding friction to our streets, so people are slowing down and ultimately choosing different routes depending on the corridor,” Hillhouse said.

The three areas where bike lanes are being implemented are the downtown neighborhoods, the central-south part of the city and the northwest corridors.

One project that’s been completed is a half-mile lane along 50th Avenue from Tennyson Street to Lowell Boulevard. A project slated to be completed this year is a 1.5-mile lane along 15th Street from Blake Street to Central Street.

Following the 125-mile project, Hillhouse said the city will focus on the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods.

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Hillhouse said Denver estimates it will need about 400 more miles of bike lanes to meet the growing number of people in the area by 2050. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure currently manages 254 miles of bike lanes, she said, and it will have more than 300 miles when the five-year project is completed. That does …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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