Ask Amy: Dating is disrupted by smoke-filled rooms

Dear Amy: I’m a single dad. In the past six months, I have met a wonderful woman.

I’m 45 and she is 41. She does not have children of her own but is very close with her brother and two sisters, and her young nieces.

They are a very close family. They get together on Sundays.

The problem is that her father is a chronic smoker. He smokes in the house to the point where you cannot breathe, and I have been left gasping for air.

I have stopped going over to the house and will not bring my own children there. She is well aware of why I do not visit this house, and her parents ask where I am and why they never see me.

This is causing so much stress between us, as well as some fights.

I was told that talking to her father and asking him to stop smoking is not an option.

What to do?

— Non-Smoking Dad

Dear Dad: No, you should not ask this man to stop smoking. It is his life, his house, and his addiction.

A very simple explanation for why you can’t visit this home is that you have a serious reaction when you are exposed to smoke, or the residue of it.

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