Thoughts from atop Cricket Hill: It’s all downhill from here

A bicyclist prepares to descend Cricket Hill Friday morning.

A bicyclist prepares to descend Cricket Hill Friday morning. | Mark Brown / Sun-Times

After a biking spill along the lakefront path, I did what I could to regain my confidence, riding up Cricket Hill — twice — then, just to be safe, riding the brakes all the way down.

I was riding my bike along the lakefront path early one morning this past week, standing up out of the seat and pedaling as hard as I could to gain speed on a slight incline when my right foot slipped off the pedal.

Suddenly, I found myself seated on the bike frame instead of the seat as I careened out of control across the oncoming lane and into the grass, my legs spinning wildly as I tried to stay upright.

Somehow, I never really crashed to the ground, which doesn’t explain how I still managed to come away with a bloody left knee and cuts to both shins.

It was all over in a few seconds, and I was on my way. But it’s amazing what can go through a person’s mind in such a short time.

On another day or at another time of day, I likely would have crashed into an oncoming rider, and we’d have both been lying there, waiting for an ambulance — and it would have been my fault. Somehow, I managed to think about all that while, at the same time, feeling embarrassed that somebody must have witnessed the spectacle I had just made of myself.

It even occurred to me that I might have got myself killed, which was not a new thought on the often hectic lakefront bike path, though I usually associate it with someone else’s reckless behavior instead of my own.

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Source:: Chicago Sun Times

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