Pregnant woman sues cop for ‘flipping her car after she didn’t pull over fast enough’

An image of the woman's flipped vehicle

A woman in a lawsuit claims a police officer used a dangerous technique to get her to pull over, causing her vehicle to flip (Picture: YouTube)

A woman has sued the state police after accusing a police officer of using a dangerous technique to get her to pull over, that wound up causing her car to flip upside down while she was pregnant.

Nicole Harper, 38, claims she was driving home when Senior Cpl Rodney Dunn ‘willfully and wantonly engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct’ but ramming her car and inflicted ‘severe bodily injuries’ on her, according to her lawsuit obtained by Law & Crime.

The suit, filed in mid-May in Pulaski County Circuit Court in Arkansas, states that Dunn clocked her going 84 miles-per-hour in a 70 mph zone. Within seconds, Dunn turned his cop car lights on and Harper slowed down and drove into the right lane of the three-lane highway, Harper’s attorney said.

Harper was not able to pull over safely due to reduced shoulders on either side of the road, so she turned her hazard lights on and kept driving at about 60 mph looking for a good spot, the complaint states.

‘There were no exits or shoulder for Plaintiff to safely exit the highway, before Defendant Dunn negligently executed a PIT maneuver on Plaintiff’s vehicle two (2) minutes and seven (7) seconds after Defendant Dunn initiated his Arkansas State Police patrol cruiser overhead lights, which caused Plaintiff’s vehicle to flip,’ it states.

Video shows the moment that Dunn walked up to the flipped vehicle and knocked on the driver’s side window and asked if she could get out.

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‘Why didn’t you stop?’ Dunn said.

‘Because I didn’t feel like it was safe,’ Harper replied.

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Source:: Metro News

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