I wanted to kill myself after getting addicted to googling my illnesses

Cherelle Farrugia, Fairwater, Cardiff, who talks about her struggle with health anxiety and addiction to internet searches on health issues. Pic: Rob Browne/Media Wales

Cherelle Farrugia believes her obsession began after the birth of her daughter (Picture: Media Wales)

For eight hours a day, mother-of-two Cherelle Farrugia would scroll through her phone looking for the reason behind any new pain, ache or twinge.

The 28-year-old had become so addicted to Google that she ended up trying to kill herself.

Cherelle, from Cardiff, has now opened up about her severe health anxiety – previously known as hypochondria – which she now realises was made worse by the constant searching and the rabbit holes of worst-case scenarios that she came across.

She believes her problems were triggered by the birth of her daughter, Willow, three years ago.

She said: ‘I’ve always been anxious, just not about my health, but I think when I became a mother it was very much that responsibility of ‘oh my goodness I’ve got to stay alive’.

‘I saw my mum lose her own mother and what that did mentally and I think that was what triggered it, the responsibility of being a mother and being obsessed with this idea of me wanting to be around for them forever.

‘After I had Willow, my first child, I think about two weeks after I had her, I found a swollen lymph node in my groin.

‘I decided to Google it, which is not something I’ve ever done before – in the past I would just ring the doctor. That was literally where I made my first fatal error.

‘I remember that day I Googled for about six hours non-stop while I was breastfeeding, just reading, reading, reading and I convinced myself that I had lymphoma.

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‘That was the start of it. For about three months I was very, very mentally unwell.

‘I was convinced I had lymphoma, I …read more

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