Man who ‘repeatedly’ assaulted multiple officers during Capitol riot planned, boasted on a social media account named for Trump, authorities say

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A New Jersey man accused of “repeatedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officers” during the January 6 Capitol insurrection has been arrested and charged in relation to his participation in the attack, months after his internet search history suggests he was worrying about that very outcome.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin was arrested Wednesday on charges of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees, civil disorder, and obstruction of official proceeding, according to the US Justice Department.

Quaglin appeared virtually in federal court Wednesday where a judge decided to release him on house arrest, according to 

In court documents, authorities say Quaglin participated in the Capitol siege in Washington, DC, where he helped lead the charge into the building and assaulted numerous officers during the process, including attacking authorities with a stolen riot guard and spraying a “chemical irritant” at officers trying to stop the break-in.

Dressed in a red, white, and blue shirt, a black helmet with a camera attached, and a gas mask, Quaglin was easily identifiable in video footage from that day, which authorities say shows Quaglin assaulting both Capitol police officers and Metropolitan Police Department officers multiple times in various locations throughout the afternoon.

Before rioters breached the building, Quaglin can be seen on officer body worn camera footage approaching the police line separated by a fence and starting to engage with officers “seemingly unprovoked,” court documents said. 

“You don’t want this fight. You do not want this f—ing fight. You are on the wrong f—ing side. You’re going to bring a f—ing pistol, I’m going to bring a f—ing cannon,” Quaglin reportedly said. “You wait! Stay there like a f—ing sheep! This guy doesn’t know what the f— is going on.”

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In another video, Quaglin can be seen shoving an officer holding the perimeter, documents said. Surveillance footage …read more

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