‘Welcome to the Brexit’: Dutch border guards confiscate sandwiches from British drivers

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Dutch border officials have been filmed confiscating ham sandwiches from British drivers arriving in the Netherlands after a post-Brexit ban on the personal import of meat came into force.

Footage filmed by Dutch TV station NPO 1 at the Hook of Holland, a Netherlands port, shows officers telling British drivers that the UK’s departure from the EU means they are no longer allowed to bring meat or dairy products into the country.

Next time people tell you there’s no new friction at the borders because of Brexit, you can show them this Dutch TV clip of drivers being stopped and having their lunches confiscated. pic.twitter.com/B9eZfDWKFB

— OwenAdamsYT (@OwenAdamsYT1) January 10, 2021

In one instance, a border guard wearing a high-vis jacket is seen inspecting several sandwiches wrapped in tin foil which belong to a British driver and telling him they will be confiscated because they contain meat.

The bemused driver asks the officer if he could keep the bread and lose only the sandwich filling, to which the border officer replies: “No, everything will be confiscated. Welcome to the Brexit, sir, I’m sorry.”

In another clip, a border guard tells a driver that “since Brexit, you’re no longer allowed to take certain food through Europe, like meat or fruit, vegetables, fish, those kinds of stuff.”

Since the UK stopped following EU rules on December 31, new measures have come into force which bans the personal import of meat, milk, or animal products from the UK.

The EU Commission says the rules are necessary because such products can carry diseases including swine flu and Foot and Mouth Disease into the bloc.

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The new rules have resulted in shortages of some fresh food items in UK shops and delays to other imported goods.

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