‘Trump defeats COVID’ commemorative coins are going on sale for $100 at the ‘White House Gift Shop.’ No, the president is not behind it.

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The White House Gift Shop is selling a $100 “Trump Defeats COVID” commemorative coin that portrays the president as something of a “superhero,” but the shop isn’t actually affiliated with the White House itself.

The shop made the coin available for preorder on Monday, shortly before Trump returned from the Walter Reed medical center, where he spent four days being treated for the novel coronavirus.

The shop doesn’t yet have an image of what the coin will look like up of the coin, but it says that preorders will be shipped on November 14.

Anthony Giannini, the White House Gift Shop chairman who also designed the coin, said that when the shop heard about the president’s diagnosis “we had faith and prayed, yet we knew our President would find a way to knockout COVID in early rounds of this battle.”

“President Trump, as you know, is a fan of boxing, and the new coin design features more than a hint of superhero qualities in history’s most fascinating president.”

The shop isn’t affiliated with Trump

Despite its name, the White House Gift Shop’s products aren’t actually made by the White House.

As Business Insider’s Grace Panetta previously reported, amid outrage over the shop selling coronavirus-themed commemorative coins earlier this year, the shop is actually a private, for-profit company that is not connected to the federal government.

This is even though the shop’s logo and merchandise looks official, and the website appears to have a government seal.

Talking Points Memo reported in 2018 that the entity behind the shop was once connected to the government: It was created under President Harry Truman’s government in 1946, and was operated by a nonprofit for Secret Service members.

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Source:: Business Insider

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