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Bath mats soak up water from your wet feet, reducing your chances of slipping when stepping out of the shower or tub.
Our pick for the best bath mat is the Organic Luxe Fibrosoft Bath Mat from West Elm, which feels super soft and plush, soaks up moisture, and dries quickly.

Bath mats may seem like just another household item, but they actually accomplish many things at once. They soak up or deal with moisture, self-dry before mold and bacteria can set in, and stay in one place without slipping and sliding around the bathroom — all while looking nice and smelling fresh.

With a variety of materials, styles, and purposes available, there are some fundamentals to consider when it comes to selecting an ideal bath mat. Our top picks include microfiber, all cotton, and wooden options to suit your design preferences. We also took into account bath mats that are quick-to-dry, extra absorbent, long-lasting, machine washable, and eco-friendly.

Whatever your bathroom priorities are, we researched many selections to help you find the perfect bath mat.

Here are the best bath mats:

Best overall: West Elm Organic Luxe Fibrosoft Bath Mat

Best microfiber bath mat: Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

Best memory foam bath mat: Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

Best cotton bath mat on a budget: Luxury Cotton Hotel-Spa Tub-Shower Bath Mat Set

Best bamboo bath mat: InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

Updated on 9/16/2020 to edit prices, formatting, and links. 

The best overall

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West Elm’s Organic Luxe Fibrosoft Bath Mat is made from 100% organic long staple cotton from Turkey, and …read more

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