Why the buzzy direct-to-consumer lingerie company Lively thinks pop-ups are the future of retail


Speaking at Business Insider’s IGNITION Redefining Retail event on Tuesday, Lively founder and CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant said pop-up stores have been instrumental to building and expanding the company.
“People are fatigued of looking at their phones,” Grant said. “What these pop-ups allow them to do is engage in the moments and experiences they’re really interested in while transacting without all of the friction.”

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Though buzzy lingerie startup Lively is best known as a digitally native direct-to-consumer brand, founder and CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant has found significant value in experimenting with pop-ups.

The company launched its first brick-and-mortar pop-up store in New York City in 2018, a temporary showcase that allowed shoppers to experience and try on the popular $35 bras in real life. Speaking at Business Insider’s IGNITION Redefining Retail event on Tuesday, Grant said these stores have been vital to building community among Lively’s fanbase and getting the bras in front of more prospective consumers.

“Pop-ups today are more about the experience you’re giving the consumer,” Grant said. “They don’t need to come to a store to buy. They want to come to a store for human interaction. They need something to do that’s not on their screen anymore, and that’s what the pop-up gives us, it gives us a three-dimensional experience of what our brand means beyond the bra.”

Grant, who previously worked for Victoria’s Secret, said experiential retail has become increasingly important in an age where shoppers — particularly young millennial and Gen Z consumers — are growing tired of staring at screens all day long.

“Pre-social media and digital marketing platforms, brick-and-mortar was …read more

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