Inside the life of NikkieTutorials, a beauty YouTuber who just came out as transgender in a new video


Nikkie de Jager is a 25-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber who’s more commonly known by her screen name, NikkieTutorials.
She hails from Wageningen, Netherlands, and began posting makeup tutorials online in 2008. She now has more than 12.4 million subscribers, and is the first-ever global artistry advisor for Marc Jacobs.
De Jager has also collaborated with brands like Ofra Cosmetics, and given makeovers to celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ashley Graham.
In an emotional YouTube video posted on Monday, de Jager came out as a transgender woman.
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With more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube, NikkieTutorials is undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved beauty influencers in the world.

She started sharing makeup tutorials online back in 2008, and has since gone on to achieve major success in the beauty industry. For example, she’s given makeovers to celebrities like Lady Gaga, and has released her own beauty products with brands like Ofra Cosmetics.

NikkieTutorials also came out as a transgender woman in a recent video, inspiring her millions of fans to feel comfortable being themselves. Here’s a look inside the beauty YouTuber’s whirlwind journey from makeup enthusiast to worldwide star.

NikkieTutorials is a 25-year-old beauty YouTuber from the Netherlands. She’s been uploading tutorials since 2008.

NikkieTutorials was born on March 2, 1994, and grew up in a Dutch municipality called Wageningen.

When asked how long she’d been into makeup during a 2011 interview with Teen Vogue, she replied: “For around three years now, and I am still loving it every single day.” This lines up with the publication of her first YouTube video — Makeup Tutorial; My first official Look for YT — in 2008.

She was inspired to learn how to apply makeup after watching a popular American …read more

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