The NATO summit started as uncomfortably as expected, with Trump slamming Macron’s ‘very, very nasty’ statement on the group being brain-dead

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NATO leaders are meeting in the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The summit kicked off just as awkwardly as expected, with President Donald Trump attacking French Emmanuel Macron for saying last month that NATO was going brain-dead.
In a Tuesday morning press conference, Trump spiraled into a tirade on France’s domestic economy and new digital-services tax, which the US is retaliating against with fresh tariffs.
Other world leaders, including longtime ally Angela Merkel of Germany, have already criticized Macron for his comments.
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NATO’s 70th-anniversary summit has kicked off just as awkwardly as expected, with President Donald Trump attacking French President Emmanuel Macron for his “very, very nasty statement” on the group being brain-dead and complaining about the US’ defense contribution.

Macron had courted controversy and criticism from NATO allies last month after telling The Economist that the defense alliance was experiencing a “brain death.”

His comments came while discussing Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria in October, which paved the way for Turkey — a NATO member — to invade to fight Kurdish forces. Macron also slammed Trump for not warning NATO of his troop pullout.

Multiple world leaders have attacked Macron for the interview, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel telling him she kept having to “glue together the cups you have broken,” and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan separately addressing him: “You should check whether you are brain-dead first.”

Trump also joined the fray on Tuesday morning, attacking Macron’s “insulting” and “very, very nasty statement” while sitting next to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in a London press conference.

The US president then spiraled into a tirade against France’s domestic politics, including comments on the country’s unemployment rate and months-long “yellow vest” protests against Macron’s pro-business economic reforms.

“I think that’s very insulting.”

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