Why the Winnipeg Jets need Josh Morrissey now more than ever

September 12, 2019

WINNIPEG — Given the way he moves, the hare would seem a much more natural comparison for Josh Morrissey than the tortoise. In broad terms, though, there’s long been a slow-and-steady dynamic to his development.

“I’ve always been somebody who seems to get better as, let’s say, the tournament goes on or as the season goes on,” says Morrissey. “Not necessarily jumping in right off the bat and the best [you’ll see from me] is what you see the first day. I seem to gradually improve.”

The Jets clearly believe that trend will continue, as the club announced on Thursday morning it had reached an agreement on an eight-year extension with Morrissey that will kick in next July after the final year of his current pact expires. Discussing Morrissey’s progression to this point is a tricky thing because if you talk to players and staff in the Winnipeg Jets organization, they’ll tell you his abilities have been present and valued from Day 1.

“That stick that he has was always amazing,” says forward Mathieu Perreault. “Even when he first got here. Practicing against him every day [you really notice it]. You’re in the corner and Josh is coming at you, he’s taking [the puck] away from you. You have to be really careful. Great feet, he’s really good at opening up his hips to get away from you, so he’ll make you chase him. Opens his hips, get away from you and just rifle it right on somebody’s stick. He’s an amazing player.”

#NHLJets D Josh Morrissey: “I love playing here. The term excited me. The fact that I get to have that stability, but to be here and playing in Winnipeg, from Day 1, it’s what I’ve always said that …read more

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