LeBron James Denied ‘Taco Tuesday’ Copyright

September 12, 2019


Mere hours after denying Ohio State the rights to copyright the word “The”, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office once again brought the hammer down on the state of Ohio. This time, it was in the form of its greatest athlete attempting to trademark a phrase used by Mexican restaurants across the nation. The USPTO has denied LeBron James’ trademark application for his beloved “Taco Tuesday.”

The USPTO has refused the TACO TUESDAY trademark application filed by Lebron James’ company LBJ Trademarks, LLC.

The refusal, issued at 6:26 PM today, finds that TACO TUESDAY is a “commonplace message” and therefore fails to function as a trademark.#TacoTuesday

My analysispic.twitter.com/eKcW2l1CnH

— Josh Gerben (@JoshGerben) September 12, 2019

What a day for copyrights and basic phrases we use on a regular basis. While I can appreciate ‘Bron trying to capitalize on this odd phenomenon that has become our obsession with his Taco Tuesday videos, this was a long shot.

Once again, we see the USPTO refusing to back down in the face of immense marketing power. Impressive stuff.

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Source:: The Big Lead

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