11 cancers that are on the rise in kids, teens, and young adults

September 12, 2019

prostate cancer

Age is the most significant risk factor for cancer, and the median age for a cancer diagnosis is 66 years old.
While cancer in kids, teens, and young adults is pretty rare, there are at least 10 different forms of cancer that are on the rise in young people.
Doctors suspect that lifestyle factors like poor diets and extra body fat may play a key role in fueling some of these cancers, which include colon, kidney, and pancreas cases.
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Make no mistake about it, age is still the number one risk factor for developing cancer. The median age for a cancer diagnosis in the US today is 66 years old. Usually, cancer hits older folks hardest, as cells age and sustain more cancer-causing DNA damage. But not always.

According to the American Cancer Society, fewer than 1 in 100 cancer cases diagnosed every year are in children. Likewise, in the UK fewer than 1% of all cancer cases occur in people under 24 years old.

Still, instances of certain cancers are going up at an alarming rate among kids, teens, and young adults, and doctors are worried that these diseases could prompt even more health troubles as they age. Here’s what oncologists have on their radar.

Childhood cancers are a far greater mystery to science than the kinds that adults get.

Most childhood cancers cannot be prevented or screened for, according to the World Health Organization, and very few cancers in kids are prompted by environmental or lifestyle factors.

Scientists suspect that around 1 in 10 childhood cancers may stem from genetics, and say the best defense against childhood cancer is early diagnosis and treatment.

Survival rates for childhood cancers are much better in high-income countries, at about 80%, …read more

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