Jenelle Evans FINALLY Launches Eyebrow Kit, Promptly Gets Humiliated Online

September 11, 2019

Jenelles big night

Well, it finally happened.

After years of teasing, Jenelle Evans has finally released the long-awaited first item in her JE Cosmetics line — an eyebrow kit that retails for $40.

That’s roughly the same price as the similar kit from Kylie Jenner, but since Jenelle is about 1/1 millionth as famous, her kit must really deliver the goods, right?

Well, if by “the goods” you mean fake reviews, copyright infringement, and a bunch of bad press, then Jenelle’s got just what you’re looking for!

Yes, you might have guessed the roll-out would be a disaster, but there’s no one thought it would this much of a mess!

Jump into the gallery below for all the latest on Jenelle’s hilarious attempt at becoming a business tycoon:

1. Jenelle’s Big Night

In New York City on Tuesday night, Jenelle finally launched her long-promised eyebrow kit — and she did her best to make the event look like a well-attended, yet highly exclusive soiree.

2. Keeping Up Appearances

The pics Evans posed for in front of the neon sign bearing heer business’ name create the impression that this was a legitimate launch party. But it looks to have been a hastily thrown-together mess.

3. The Trouble Begins

For starters, Jenelle’s original venue canceled after catching wind of the countless allegations against her.

4. Justice For Nugget

Topping the list, of course, is the role that Jenelle played in the beating and shotgun death of her French bulldog, Nugget. But there are so many allegations to choose from when you’re talking about Jenelle.

5. We Guess That’s … Convenient

Anyway, this forced Jenelle to rent a private residence for the party, and it appears she slept in the apartment once the guests left. (Note the astroturf on the floor in her afterparty pic.)

6. Minimal Effort

Earlier in the week, the venue served as the launch site for a skincare …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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