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August 14, 2019

Unrest In Hong Kong During Anti-Government Protests

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States sue the Trump administration again, this time about the environment; Hong Kong protesters shut down the airport for the second day in a row.

States fight to keep an Obama-era climate rule
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A coalition of 22 states and cities, including California and New York, have sued the Trump administration for rolling back an Obama-era regulation that was the first to set national limits on carbon dioxide pollution from power plants. [NYT / Lisa Friedman]
The issue at hand: The EPA replaced Obama’s Clean Power Plan — which ordered states to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, ultimately forcing them to switch from coal to natural gas and renewable energy — with the Affordable Clean Energy rule. The new rule would allow power plants to remain in operation if they developed more efficient technology. [Politico / Alex Guillén]
The lawsuit claims the EPA is neglecting its duty to limit greenhouse gases, which is directly tied to the well-being of the people. They state that the new rule would simply extend the life of power plants, which would increase pollution and accelerate climate change. [HuffPost / Alexander C. Kaufman]
The Trump administration has argued in the past that Obama’s regulation allowed the EPA to overstep its boundaries. Businesses that legally challenged the plan in 2015 made similar arguments, along with the concerns of the cost of compliance. [WSJ / Timothy Puko]
Trump had promised to revive the dying coal industry while he was campaigning, and many suspect that the Affordable Clean Energy rule …read more

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