Thomas Ravenel SLAMMED for Taunting Kathryn Dennis Over Mother’s Death

August 13, 2019

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

Last week, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis tragically lost her mother at a shockingly young age. She is in mourning.

Her disgraced ex Thomas Ravenel appears to be trying to use this incident to be pointlessly cruel.

Fans accuse him of trying to use social media to make Kathryn’s grief even worse. The backlash against him was swift and severe.

On Sunday, August 11, Thomas Ravenel took to Twitter to share what would ordinarily be a precious photograph.

“The kids with my mom,” he captioned the image.

The now-deleted tweet showed 3-year-old Saint and 5-year-old Kensie alongside Thomas’ mother, Louise Rodgers.

The context that turns this sweet post sour is that Thomas posted it just days after Kathryn Dennis’ mother died.

Months of social media inactivity and then this? Fans aren’t buying it as an innocuous tweet. This is a mind game.

Longtime Southern Charm fans were absolutely furious — and let Thomas know.

“You haven’t posted since June 1,” noted a reply. “And you choose the week that your babies lost their maternal grandmother to post your kids with your mom!”

“How about adding some condolences to your kids,” that same tweet suggested. “They lost a loved one too. So insensitive.”

“This post is in very poor taste, with its timing,” accused another tweet.

That user continued: “Nothing against your mother. But it just an obvious mind game. We all see this. Find some class and Stop!”

“Really?” exclaimed another Twitter denizen. “Timing is everything. You suck more every day.”

“Cute picture,” another wrote gently. “But the timing is a little off considering Kathryn’s Mother’s recent passing.”

It was very kind of that person to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt, as if it were some sort of oversight.

“You are an asshat for posting this knowing what you know of Kathryns Mother,” another accused.

That same tweet continued: “Cannot wait for you …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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