The Albert savings app changed my views on money and helped me save $1,500 — here’s how

August 13, 2019

albert app

Saving money sounds easy, but can often be a difficult chore, with just under 50% of American families unable to afford an unexpected expense of $400 or more.
The Albert savings app can be an easier, more satisfying way to set savings aside for the future.
I saved over $1,500 in the first six months of using the paid version of the app.
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I’ll be honest: When I graduated from college, I was absolutely terrible at saving money. I’d always heard things like “pay yourself first,” but the minute I started working full-time and had a regular paycheck, I realized how difficult that actually was.

My issue was that by the time I finished paying rent, bills, student loans, and buying groceries, I was usually left with around $150 — and having to set aside any of that for a rainy-day fund or retirement, instead of using it to spend freely, was almost painful.

So I wasted the first six months or so of my first job not saving any money — even though financial experts say one of the most important parts of saving is to start as early as possible.

Enter Albert, a personal finance app I recently started using. When you download it, it gives you a rainy-day fund and asks how much a week you’d like to save. I chose $20, a sum I wouldn’t really miss too much, then basically forgot about it.

A little over a month later, I got a notification from Albert, telling me I had saved $120. That was exciting — imagine going into the pocket of a pair of jeans you wore a month ago and finding $120. That was how I felt.

I explored the app more and realized how they could help me …read more

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